Indian GI

Indian GI is dream for quality Indian products. India is treasurer of traditional,cultural and Unique agri products. The tradition and culture gave birth to various paintings, crafts & artistic products in different part of India. Tradition also helped to develop food culture in different states. The pokally Rice of Kerala being required for Pongal festival in South India, while The Blossom of Mango , The Ambemohar Rice has rich heritage since Peshwa magistracy. The Mughal monarchy landed the textile artisans , Paithani Saree, Chandesri Saree and many more.The tribal painting of Varali  paintings , their foods, Nature’s support gave birth to Varali paintings. The question of modern India is whether the records of India’s traditional, cultural and unique agriculture products are in Place  ? if yes whether that has been protected ? if yes whether that has been promoted ? if yes then they had global recognition , these are the few questions has answer in law pertaining to Geographical Indication.  Bringing all the Indian GI products under one roof is the dream venture called IndianGI.