We trust in efficient and timely services. We Endeavour to address problems of our clients with immediate solutions in a cost effective manner. We advise on various legal, commercial and compliance issues relating to Intellectual Property, covering mainly:


Patent is an exclusive, monopoly right given to an inventor for his new and useful intellectual creation


Trademark is visual representation attached to goods and services for purpose of indicating their trade origin.

Geographical Indication

Geographical indication is Intellectual Property given to Community that determines special qualities of unique product originating from particular place

Indian GI

Indian GI is dream for quality Indian products. India is treasurer of traditional,cultural and Unique agri products. The tradition and culture gave birth to various paintings, crafts & artistic products in different part of India.


Copyright is an intellectual property given for literary, dramatic or musical work, sound recording and cinematographic work.

Industrial Design

“Design” means some shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or composition of lines or colors applied to such article whether 2D or 3D or in both forms,



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Our Team

GMGC is a group of legal professionals, scientist and academicians established in Pune, India to promote Intellectual Property Rights and World Trade Organization (WTO) related areas. GMGC has been established with an objective of providing concrete platform for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with a special focus on protection, promotion and enforcement of Geographical Indications.

Prof. Ganesh S. Hingmire
Manoj Mathurawala
Adv. Paresh Chinchole
Mrs. Rashmi G. Hingmire
Navanath D. Waykar
Shweta G. Gavali
Prof. Ganesh S. Hingmire

Prof. Ganesh S. Hingmire



Prof. Ganesh Hingmire is a renowned Intellectual Property (IP) Enthusiast and a winner of two Consecutive National Awards for “Best Facilitation of Registration of Geographical Indications and Promotion of Registered GI in India” given by Ministry of Commerce, Gov. of India. Read More…..

Manoj Mathurawala

Manoj Mathurawala





Born in a politically active family Manoj Mathurawala learnt the management mantra in house. Over twenty years of experience in the field of Dairy and Agriculture at a very early stage of life has taught him the value of both hard and smart working. Read More….

Adv. Paresh Chinchole

Adv. Paresh Chinchole


Paresh graduated in June 2015 with LL.B. (Hons. in Intellectual Property Law) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He also holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from University of Pune. He is currently working as an Associate with GMGC, Pune and is responsible for handling of Intellectual Property Prosecution matters of the organization. Read More…..

Mrs. Rashmi G. Hingmire

Mrs. Rashmi G. Hingmire






Rashmi is a qualified Patent Agent registered with Indian Patent Office. She has filed more than 30 different types of patent applications from various fields, including Mechanical, Electrical, Biotechnological, Environmental Sciences, etc. Voluntarily she helped many student inventors to file patent applications, e.g. Electric foldable bike, Smart Transport Information System etc.  Read More…..

Navanath D. Waykar

Navanath D. Waykar


Navanath has completed graduation in Computer Applications and equipped himself with advanced stages of Computer languages and mastered website development skills. With the technical background, he chose to diversify into Business Administration and completed his masters in Business Administration from University of Pune.

Navanath is a Certified Industrial Accountant and e-filing expert and completed the respective courses from The Institute of Computer Accountant located in Kolkata. For the past one year, he is excellently managing the accounts and IT department of GMGC! He is our go to guy!

Shweta G. Gavali

Shweta G. Gavali


Shweta has completed graduation in Bachelors of Commerce and equipped herself with websitedevelopment skills. She completed her Masters in Commerce from University of (SRTMUN) Nanded.She is also completed MS-CIT Course and Tally ERP 9. Knowledge and Good command on Microsoftoffice and typing. Currently she is working with GMGC and handling IT department.

About GMGC

GMGC is a group of legal professionals, scientist and academicians established in Pune, India to promote Intellectual Property Rights and World Trade Organization (WTO) related areas.GMGC has been established with an objective of providing concrete platform for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with a special focus on protection, promotion and enforcement of Geographical Indications.

We take the pride of being the pioneers this innovative venture working towards community IP rights. Vision of GMGC dates back to the decade when handful of people were aware of Geographical Indications and potential thereof ‘Genuine rural Indian GI products on global platform’ characterizes the long cherished dream of GMGC. GMGC explicitly considers the role of promotion of in expanding market demand when consumers lack information regarding either the existence or the features of GI and GI-like products. Know More…


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