Geographical Indication

What is Geographical Indication?

A geographical indication is a name or sign used to indicate that certain product corresponds to a specific geographical location which may be a town or a region, a country. The use of a GI tag acts as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities, is made according to traditional methods, or enjoys a certain reputation, due to its geographical origin. e.g. Mahabaleshwar Strawberry, Darjeeling Tea etc.

Our aim is to create opportunities for farmers/producers by registering their fiercely guarded traditional products and improve their income leading to sustainable development”

We have reorganized the approach of producers and consumers of looking at quality products and assurance of quality thereof.Registering a GI can have a positive impact on the production and employment within the region, allowing producers to market the product at a premium price.Having registered almost one tenth of India’s Geographical Indications, we are the Pioneers  in this field. Our dedicated efforts placed Maharashtra at the zenith of registered agricultural GIs in India.

Our services related to GI are: 

  • Research work
  • Field Work
  • Drafting
  • Application Filling
  • Prosecution
  • Authorized User Registration
  • PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Registration in European Union
  • Digital Marketing of GI Product


Our GI Contribution:

all GI product


Our GI products-

  1. Puneri Pagadi
  2. Mahabaleshwar Straberry
  3. Paithani Saree
  4. Nashik Grapes
  5. Kolhapur Jaggery
  6. Waigaon Turmeric
  7. Navapur Tur Dal
  8. Mangalwedha Jowar
  9. Bhiwapur Chilli
  10. Ratnagiri-Siddhudurg Kokum
  11. Koregaon Waghya Ghevada
  12. Ajara Ghansal Rice
  13. Mulashi Ambemohar Rice
  14. Gholvad Chikko
  15. Beed Custard Apple
  16. Sangali Raisins
  17. Marathwada Kesar Mango
  18. Ratnagiri Alphanso Mango
  19. Vengurla Cashew
  20. Solapur Pomegranate
  21. Purandar Fig
  22. Jalgaon Banana
  23. Jalgaon Bharit Brinjal
  24. Laslgaon Onion
  25. Jalna Sweet Orange